Proof Collection - Rectangle Pedestal Table

Manufacturer: KFI Studios

The Proof Series from KFI Studios is a versatile and dynamic option for designers and problem-solvers across all disciplines. Clean lines, a wide array of top sizes and laminates, plus 13 different bases to choose from make Proof a perfect match for a variety of seating styles.

Top Sizes:
24″x30″, 24″x48″, 24″x60″, 24″x72″, 24″x84″, 24″x96″
30″x42″, 30″ x 48″, 30″x60″, 30″x72″, 30″x84″, 30″x96″
36″x60″, 36″x72″, 36″x84″, 36″x96″, 36″x108″, 36″x120″
42″x72″, 42″x84″, 42″x96″, 42″x108″, 42″x120″

Table Heights:
17″, 29″, 36″, and 41″

TFL, HPL, and Solid Wood options available.
5-Day Quick ship available in many shapes and color options.
Custom orders available – please contact Customer Service for details.

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